Steel expansion joints

Compensators with standard flanges or weld-ends.

Stainless steel bellow with connections according to our clients request.

Special compensators with special flanges.

Compensators designed and produced according to the clients request.


As a specialist in expansion joints we can offer steel expansion joints with bore diameters of anything from 12 mm to 5,000 mm – with one or more plies. The standard material is Stainless Steel to specification AISI 321/Ti. For certain corrosive and high temperature conditions, special materials are available. Our steel expansion joints are mounted with flanges or weld ends in steel to specification ST37 or according to customer demand. In applications where conditions demand, pressure forces can be restrained by special assemblies incorporating Tiebars, Gimbals and Hinges. With our great experience in supplying expansion joints in so many varied fields of application, we have a wealth of knowledge and ability that can be placed at your disposal.